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SWS Case File – Scribbles the Secret Hunter Walkthrough!

Hello Weevils!

Today a new SWS Case File came out called ‘Scribbles the Secret Hunter’. If you’re stuck don’t worry I have the walkthrough for you at the end of this post.


Attention, Secret Weevil Service Agents! The WEB have ransacked Digg’s archaeological site, and ace reporter Scribbles is on his way to get the scoop. It could be dangerous, so he needs SWS backup.


Your objective: Report to SWS Headquarters inside Castle Gam and click on the red SWS Case Files folder to begin! You’ll need courage, speed, puzzle-solving skills…and you might want to bring some sunblock!



Best Nest Issue #25 OUT NOW! Feat. MI2012!

Hello Weevils!

Todays post is taken from the Bin Weevils ‘What’s New Blog‘:


Arrr, we’re all at sea this week! The latest issue of Best Nest Magazine is out now, and it’s full of pirate decorating ideas that impressed Captain Wink (and me, too!)  Check it out now at Weevil Post, Rigg’s Multiplex to see 10 rooms that arrrrr Bin-tastic! NI_tip_pirate_v2

Want to show off your nest to the Nest Inspector for a chance to be featured in Best Nest and win a cool trophy? Make sure yourNest Coolness is way up high and you could be on your way! For even more brilliant nest tips, grab a copy of the Nest Inspector’s Handbook!

I think this issue of Best Nest is special though because on page 7 and 8 I am featured! Check out my pirate nest room below:

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 16.20.01



Bin Weevil’s Wiki has gone .COM!

Hello Weevils!

This post is just a quick update about this website! This website has now been online for 2 months and I want to make it really good and popular (Hopefully the most popular Bin Weevil’s Blog online, even better than Wevilly and Bin Weevils Gang!) Anyways, I have bought a .com for this website so instead of http://www.binweevilswiki.wordpress.com it is now:


Also I updated the favicon which for those of you who don’t know is the little icon in the URL/Search bar:

Edit 1 Icon

Hopefully taking these little steps at a time will help to gradually improve my views and SEO, and more importantly I hope you guys like them! Finally I just wanted to say I am not doing the 10 Dosh giveaway this month but will be launching one on the 1st March, so look out for that!


WIN 10 DOSH! LvL 65 Competition!

*This is a Sticky Post: New Posts Below*

Hello Weevils

MI2012 is so close to being LvL 65 so to celebrate I am going to give away 10 Dosh to the weevil who can guess when it will happen! See below how far away I am from Levelling up (Taken on the 19 January 2013):

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 09.50.04

How To Enter:

1. Comment below and say the following

-The date you think I will level up (Include Day, Month, Year and Time)

-Your Weevils Name

-Your E-Mail

2. When I am level 65 I will email the person who guessed the closest.

3. Once they email me back I will give them the code.

*If the result is a Tie the winner will be chosen randomly out of a hat*

Good Luck Everyone reblog this please so more people can enter!