SWS Missions

Need help saving the bin and completing all of the SWS Missions! On this page you can find the guides to all of the missions so far! Just play the videos and follow what I do, feel free to pause the videos or go back to watch a part again!

Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet

The Hunt for Weevil X

Danger at Dosh’s Palace

Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers

Laboratory Lockdown

Trouble at Castle Gam (Part 1)

The Lost Silver Knight

Totem of the Aztecs

Jack and the Binstalk

Coming Soon!

The Blue Diamond Mission (Part 1)

SWS Case File #1 – Good Vs. Weevil

38 thoughts on “SWS Missions

  1. Merchandise

    WOW! I am your No.1 fan, and no one can take that back! You are so amazing knowing what to do and when to do it on the missions!

  2. Sonic Lear

    MI2012 you are cool! Can you be my bin buddy on bin weevils? I’m called SonicLear on bin weevils.


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