MI2012’s Edits

To request an edit fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I will try my best to do what you require. I do make edits free of charge but it would appreciated if you were following me on Twitter, Youtube and my Blog!

Profile Pictures and Social Network Icons:

Twitter, Youtube and Gravatar Icons

Blog Banners:

WW Banner

Super Antennas and Legs:

Super legs and antennas

Blog Post Tags (AnĀ OriginalĀ MI2012 Creation!)

judisue-fw2 mi2012-fw

Order Edits Here:

*Please Note: if your edit requires your weevil to be in it please send me you weevil look and colours in the description of what you want*

99 thoughts on “MI2012’s Edits

  1. Shadow8962

    Can i have a profile picture with a light bluish weevil(with no antenna).I want the background to be at club fling.

  2. luke3249

    Dear Reader.
    My Binweevils Name is Luke3249 or TiNy-weevil and I am asking if I could join the team as a Editor.
    My Email is tinyblogger@outlook.com
    my wordpress name is luke3249
    The Reason why I want to join is because I think I could do lots of posts on this blog give people so good tips and many more. I will also do some binweevils games guide and much more. Please email me back ASAP.
    I hope you can contact me soon :) :D
    TiNy aka Luke

  3. Chip8967- Liam

    Hi, mi do you need help with your blog because I could join I will always posts what’s new blog. Also can I have a ”Social Icon”?


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